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 Post subject: Synthesis.Net Interviews Gary Holt
PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:31 pm 
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Bands will come and go in the world of metal, and usually the highlight will be some story about how drunk they got one night with Hetfield after opening up for Metallica. Exodus is celebrating their 30 year anniversary in the near future and the band has been staying active with a new record, a summer tour, and a couple of music videos directed by John Schnepp of Metalocalpyse fame. Exhibit B: The Human Effort was recorded in a self-built studio in the secluded Northern California town of Guerneville by long-time producer, engineer and friend of the band, Andy Sneap. The result is a 12-track aural assassination of thrash metal that will leave any metal fan grinning and ready to party until the sun comes up. They're all busy promoting the band’s new record, which is selling like hotcakes over in Europe and has garnered them the number 12 spot on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart. I got a chance to talk with founding member and guitarist Gary Holt about the European response to the band, the late, great Ronnie James Dio, and even the oil fuck-up in the gulf. Although Gary spends most of his time on the road and making records, he was a wonderful and affable interviewee, and no joke, I accidentally called him a sweetheart at the end of the interview.

Exhibit B: The Human Condition is your ninth album as a band? Is that correct?

Ninth. Tenth. Something like that. I’m not sure. There are a couple of live albums in there. Some DVD’s. I haven’t taken the time to count in a long time.

I understand you put it together in December. Did it only take a month?

We spent a month recording it. We set up shop in a studio to do drums and then we moved all the gear to a rental house in Guerneville. It was kind of like summer camp. We named our little home-built studio “Camp Crunch” because it felt like we were all at camp.

You’ve been playing in this band since 1982. We’re talking 28 years. Can you talk about the European response and the American response to your band over the years?

Europe has always been like a home to us. It’s kind of almost one of the places where we got our start because of the underground tape-trade and stuff like that. The states have always been kind to us, too. Thrash Metal is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance here, but it’s always been popular over there. Unfortunately, all the years of touring I don’t get to see much. I’ve been to Paris countless times but I’ve never even driven by and seen the Eiffel Tower.

I was doing some more research on you and it sounds to me like you’re pretty interested in U.S. politics. I was wondering what you were thinking of the oil spill right now and whether or not you’re approving of the response. Do you have any kind of personal outrage toward it? Have you been following it?

Yeah. I’ve been following it and I’ll approve of it once they stop the fucking leak. I mean… They’re failing at it at every turn, ya know? How do you stop a leak like that a mile under the surface? It’s an unprecedented disaster. The effects of this are going to be felt for many years. I mean, fuck, it’s on the verge of just wiping out an entire industry in the gulf. I don’t know what the hell they’re going to do about this thing. The thing might pump oil out for an eternity for all we know.

Last month we lost Ronnie James Dio and I wanted to see if you have any sentiments or stories you wanted to share about him.

We supported Black Sabbath in 2004 on the Dehumanizer tour. Ronnie James Dio was just one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in heavy metal and in rock and roll. I had met him for about 15 minutes at this music convention called foundation forum that takes place in LA. That was like three weeks before the tour. He was outside waiting for a car and I went up to introduce myself because he’s one of my heros. Rainbow is like my favorite band of all time. I talked to him. “Hi, my name’s Gary. I’m supporting you on this next tour and I’m really excited about it.” He was like, “yeah, it will be great, it will be a lot of fun.” Three weeks, maybe even longer, later. It’s the first day of the tour and he waved and said hi and goes, “hey Gary, how’s it goin’?” (Chuckles) I didn’t expect him to remember my name the whole tour, but he remembered it from a conversation a month earlier. That’s that kind of guy he was. He’s a lion of a vocalist…the greatest metal vocalist of all time. It’s a tragic loss for heavy metal and the hard rock world. ... e-melters/


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